How long should it be?

Stories can be anywhere between a few sentences and a few pages.

Who can submit?

We welcome women of all ages, backgrounds, bodies, and degrees of gender conformity.

Does it have to be about something a guy said or did to me?


Nope. Stories need not involve interactions with men or anyone else for that matter; they can simply be about you. The only criteria: stories must be true.

Short answer: your choice.

Longer answer: some of the stories you have to tell involve seriously personal information. For that reason and many others, we care deeply about handling them respectfully and carefully. Whether you submit anonymously using the submission form online or send your story confidentially via e-mail, we make sure your name stays private. That means we'll never give it to readers, audience members, or anyone else. We do not include any identifying information in the (re)telling of your story. Only the information you provide in the story will identify you. That being said, if you want to change names to protect your or other's identities, feel free to do so.

Should you choose to fill out your name and contact info, we'd love to send you a thank you.

Additionally, if having your name attached to your story is something you do want, please let us know that too. We will include your name in the reading and in our program.

Will people know it's me?

We love screenshots of written exchanges (text messages, e-mails, social media threads, etc.). Unfortunately, we can't take uploads through the submission form below though, so submit those via e-mail.

Can I just send you a screenshot of ________?

You can submit by:

  1. e-mail jamienewton@thatswhatshesaidco.org (confidential)
  2. online submission (anonymous)
  3. in-person interview (see below)

How do I submit?

I'm sure I have a story. BS happens because I'm a woman all the time. I just don't know how to put my finger on it and type it out as a story. 

You can always schedule to chat with one of our team members. We do one-on-one interviews. We also gather groups once a month to discuss gendered-experiences. Folks often say that getting together, talking, and listening to others often helps them express their stories.

To schedule, e-mail jamienewton@thatswhatshesaidco.org